Fitness and Fashion and why it’s more important than you think

When you’re on the road to becoming a fitter and healthier version of yourself, external validation can be a powerful way of affirming body positive messages to oneself.

I’ve quizzed a number of people who used to be overweight and have successfully dropped over 115 kilos and many have said to me that sometimes, in their head, they still believe that they’re overweight. It’s like the mind is steadfastly holding on to the older image.

Me at my heaviest at 84 kgs

There are many a times when I still feel that I am at my heaviest still and that there are absolutely no changes in my physical form from 3 years ago.

That’s where fashion and trying on clothes can play a major role!

Trying on clothes that felt ‘too small’ on the clothes rack!

Every now and then I go and try on clothes that I’ve always felt were things I could never pull off. I may not buy these items or be able to wear them out for gatherings yet. But it’s an important step for me to reclaiming my self image. Sometimes on the inside I cringe at the idea of wearing tight clothes / because it reminds me of all the times when I was steadily gaining weight and my clothes would no longer fit. So this is a great way to remind myself that I’m past that stage and that I deserve to look and feel better!

Let me know if you tried doing this too and if it helped! Cheers!

One thought on “Fitness and Fashion and why it’s more important than you think

  1. Very Well Said Pritika Ji 👍🙏Clothes are the Best things to Check Your self in the term of Fitness and Keep seeking for progress 👍👌👏

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