Why taking care of your skin is important before & during weight loss

One thing that everyone should take care of – before and during weight loss is their SKIN. A lot of people who have lost over 15 kilos of weight or have dealt with a few bouts of weight gain and weight loss are especially prone to loose and saggy skin. Coupled with cellulite, stretch marks; dead skin and ingrown hair are additional issues for people who are on their weight loss journey. The best thing to do is to start taking care of your skin TODAY. Whether you have started your fitness journey or are thinking about it – taking care of your skin is actually a gentle way to ease you into fitness – because fitness is really all about taking care of yourself and feeling good every step of the way! So here are some steps to help you get started with today!

  • Drink more water – I’ve mentioned this in 2 other posts and I think I’m not about to stop saying it – simply because it’s so important and so basic and simple that we all need constant reminders to drink more water. I slack on this front too! So yeah, drinking atleast 3-4 litres of water is a good way to encourage the toxins out of your body and to regulate metabolism and to get the glow on. When you drink more water you are stimulating your digestive system and encouraging elimination of various toxins and the yucky stuff that simply gunks up your system. When you drink more water you will notice that your skin is clearer and more glowy because of less gunk on the inside.
  • Focus on fibre – if your digestion isn’t great, chances are that it will show up on your skin too – in the form of dullness, dead or hard skin patches, allergies, pimples and sensitivity. Isabgol is the most natural way to regulate your digestion for an upset tummy or a shy one – just consume 1-2 teaspoons of this husk with water daily and you should see a difference in 3-4 days. If you need to continue with this husk for a longer duration – then ensure you are taking probiotic capsules or eating a lot of plain yogurt which contains good bacteria and will keep your system smiling from within!
  • Collagen Powder with Hyaluronic acid. This has been one of the coolest finds ever! Each morning, take about 7 grams of the powder in a drink of your choice. My preferred way is to have it in my morning keto coffee which is basically black coffee with MCT oil and the OragnicoSlim Marine Collagen with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid powder. The most visible difference I found was in my hair growth and nails and it helps keep my skin supple too. You should be able to see the difference in a week to 10 days’ time. So the reason to take this is to maintain beautiful skin. Collagen is actually the most abundantly available protein in the body. Because it is needed in such large quantities to make up tendons, ligaments, bone cartilage – it can over time start to deplete. In different studies on women, taking a collagen powder for 12 weeks helped reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. I personally find that my skin is more plump and hydrated and I also notice an improvement in my overall skin texture.  

Now these tips above focus on the internal aspect of your skin care – which is an important place to start. This is because if your insides aren’t healthy then nothing you do topically can help in the long run.

My skin care favourites (in no particular order) – pink Himalayan sea sal, coconut oil, innisfree bija trouble facial foam, The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey body lotion, Organico Slim Marine Collagen, Innnisfree Bija Trouble Lotion

Topical Skin care

So here is the section on surface skin care – with products that I found to be most effective in ensuring that I had no loose skin over the years in which I experienced fat loss and fat gain.

My key tip here is to be careful of what you put on your skin.

  • Be mindful of what you apply on your skin – Did you know that atleast 20-30% of the skin care products that we apply gets directly absorbed into the bloodstream? (I’m being conservative here with the percentages – some studies state that it’s actually 60-70%). Our skin is porous, so therefore, if you think applying products with chemicals will only remain on the surface, then you’ve been highly mistaken. Avoid products with evil ingredients such as parabens, excessive perfumes, sodium lauryl sulfates, toluene etc.  

If you’ve been guilty of the above, then it’s time to make amends and use high quality skin care products especially when it comes to lotions and creams. One of the best natural moisturisers I have found are natural oils such coconut & olive oil. Although Coconut Oil is a hot favourite of mine.

If you look at the image above, the coconut oil I use is Organic, Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin. Read up more about these attributes online and why they’re important. The way I use coconut oil is on my body – before and after a bath especially in winters when I suffer from dry skin. In winters I even mix up any body butter or lotions with a bit of coconut oil for extra moisture – this keeps your skin amazingly supple. Also, did you know that coconut oil has antiseptic properties? So using it on your underarms and other sensitive areas keeps your skin moist and free from bacteria too! It is particularly useful in getting rid of acne scars and any other scars from burns, torn skin capillaries etc. I have been using coconut oil for years and I feel it is my number one secret to having healthy skin that is not saggy or loose inspite of all the weight gain and loss. You can alternate coconut oil with extra virgin olive oil too. Switch it up!

Innisfree bija skincare line – I’m totally fan-girling at the moment on this range of innsifree products. So I’ve been using the Bija trouble lotion and face wash – and let me tell you, it smells amazing! But more importantly the results are great! It contains salicylic acid which is a key ingredient to look for if you have acne prone skin, open pores etc. I also use the Bija trouble lotion on my legs for ingrown hair, and it works beautifully! When you gain weight, you are prone to a lot of dead skin and ingrown hair follicles that look unsightly. The Bija skincare range has been a god send.

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt – this is a lovely product that is inexpensive and effective. Every week, before a bath, just mix up the salt with some oil (Coconut or Olive) and smooth over your body. Scrub it lightly all across and leave on for 5-10 minutes before your shower. It also helps exfoliate and get rid of all the dead skin.

Hope you found my views on skincare useful! Stay healthy & beautiful & have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Why taking care of your skin is important before & during weight loss

  1. Wow Pritika i just came to knew some New Things and water is best of all if warm water in early morning or after meal is good too what you say and Basically for girls but we can also use somethings too
    Thanks for Sharing and keep writing You are just Rocking and haan comment thoda bada ho gya next time short n sweet 👌✌💪😎👏😍❤🙏


  2. Such an informative post. I myself is on a 90-day weight loss challenge and If you clearly have to be careful about it. esp the skin on your face it shows a lot. it gets darker and spots appear in which face yoga and water helps. Thank you for sharing all this information. Have a good life, and do check out my blog too.

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