The Impact of Words on Your Fitness & Health

A lot of us feel that they way we physically appear is in no way in our control. It is based on genetics and factors beyond our control such as age and health. We think that disease is something that ‘happens’ to us again, because of genetics and lifestyle. How many of you have stopped to consider the possibility that the words you have been using to describe yourself or your life situation may actually be the underlying cause of your current life state?

I’m sure that many of you must have looked your best when you were happy, stress-free or in love? Why is that? Your skin was clearer, you were more active, things were going great in short bursts. Its not a coincidence that when you are truly happy within, your inner dialogue changes and results in physical changes as well.

The thing about words is that each word carries an emotional response for all of us (some words more than others) and repeating certain words will then emit a corresponding frequency/wavelength within our physical and body. So repeating positive words and phrases such as ‘beautiful’ ‘healthy’ ‘energetic’ and replacing them with negative words or phrases that you constantly use such as ‘oh i’m so tired’ ‘i’m so drained’ ‘I can’t do this’ will slowly but surely have an impact on your output in terms of overall health and even the way you look!

You can even use words and phrases to reverse aging, by first imagining yourself looking a certain way then reinforcing it with the right words. You can take this to any level that you wish, the possibilities are endless! Do let me know if you already use this tip and let me know how you’ve been affirming positive words to yourself! Cheers!

One thought on “The Impact of Words on Your Fitness & Health

  1. Very well Said, Pritika Ji, what we talk or think the same will happens, Good Blog Keep It Up. positivity is best tool for happiness….. πŸ™πŸ˜˜πŸ‘

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