Project New You: Things to Work on Right Now! 19 Days Before 2020

Each year we set goals for our career, health, finances and other areas of our lives. The New Year is one such time when we like to get busy crafting our goals and writing down how we’d like the year to pan out. Most of us do this in the first week of the New Year when the clock has already started ticking. How about we do things differently?

How about we work on setting our goals and desired behaviours before the New Year even starts (yeah I know, the title of this blog was a giveaway to this build up! Lol…)

Moving on, I’m specifically speaking about fitness goals and the general methods here can be applied to other areas of your lives as well. Firstly, if you’re still reading, then congratulations, you’re interested in changing your life. Let’s do this together:

Start Now

Don’t wait till after New Years’. Pretend it’s already begun and you’re incorporating the new behaviours and goals as of NOW.

Visualise it!

Yep, now that you want to be better and fitter, find a picture of yourself in your fittest form or that of a celebrity of model whose chiselled core you are coveting.

Paste these pictures into your fitness journal (yeah you need to have one). The reason for this is that the brain responds to visual imagery more strongly than numbers. Each time you open your journal and look at the pictures, you will send a powerful signal to your brain on the kind of results you are trying to create. Trust me, I’ve tried it and it works! That’s what got me to lose 14 kilos which I had been unsuccessfully trying to lose since 4 years!  

Write it Down

Goals have to be defined, so first start my weighing yourself, measure your waist, chest, hips, neck and jot it down with the date. Take pictures of yourself, front, back and center and save them alongside your measurements.

Define your goals, and be realistic. If you have a 34” waist then target a 32” waist in a month not 28”! Set realistic targets and try to achieve a little more than them each time.

Define the New You

If you want to see a change on the scale, then you’ll have to do something different. Consistency is the key to long-term weight loss or body composition changes. Write down what you are willing to do to achieve your goals. Some examples are:

  • Cut out sugar from diet completely
  • Fast for 16 hours daily
  • Work out 5 times a week
  • Wake up one hour early every morning
  • Go for a 20 minute walk daily
  • Do 20 minutes of stretching per day
  • Eat green vegetables atleast once daily
  • Cut out all aerated drinks and juice from diet
  • Only eat protein and vegetables for dinner
  • Consume only one alcoholic drink during a party without any sugary mixers
  • Stop eating after 8 pm
  • Do weight training 3 times a week

You get the drift! Each goal is specific. Pick the ones that make the most sense for you and stick to it! PS. You have to make big changes to your diet & workout if you want to see drastic results. You wont get good results if you only focus on workout and neglect your diet, so make sure you pick atleast 3 goals related to diet, exercise and lifestyle.

Feel free to keep adding and changing these goals as you progress in your fitness journey.

Try Something Outside your Comfort Zone

We always wait for that vacation or just the right company to try something different. Instead, of waiting for the New Year to bring you that opportunity, seize it and end 2019 on a high note! Go zorbing or bungee jumping. Try para gliding or even go on a 10 KM walk around your city at 4 am! Enjoy a picnic with your family in the park if you haven’t been spending time outdoors, whatever is different and feels good to you, just go ahead and do it!

Live in the NOW

As zen as it sounds for me to say this to you, trust me, it’s the only thing that’s been keeping me going. We are often prone to thoughts from the past, some random guilt, some unquenchable quest for perfection that can at times paralyse us. Instead of happily working on our goals, we often freeze, and judge ourselves and get in our own way of achieving success. So unload that. Remind yourself that your own happiness is important because it makes others around you happy as well.

Meditation is a great way to get centred

If you overate at dinner last night, today is a new day, focus on eating a healthy breakfast. Enjoy reading an uplifting book for 15 minutes. Go for a walk in the park, the greenery has a soothing effect. If life is getting too overwhelming and competitive, just bring your attention back to the NOW and try to do one thing better than before.

Remember, a step at a time. Just keep moving forward and soon you would have walked a mile.

These tips have been helpful to me in the past, and even now – and that’s why I thought of sharing them with you guys. Do share how you motivate yourself each year to get into the best shape of your life!

One thought on “Project New You: Things to Work on Right Now! 19 Days Before 2020

  1. Great Inputs and Experience sharing is always helping others and simple and realistic way of being healthy, keep it Up Sethi Ji and keep going 👍🙌👌😘💪

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